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Capture instant growth with fast & easy funding solution 靈活彈性資金方案,

Reinventing SME financing model to cater your operational needs 創新中小企融資模式,解決商戶營運所需

Business Expansion 擴充業務
Equipment Upgrade 設備升級
Payroll 發放薪金
Marketing Promotion 加強營銷推廣

Why KFund? 為何選擇KFund?

Speedy loan approval confirmation

  • Simplified log-in process and time to enhance business efficiency, reduce operation and management burdens, as well as synchronize online & offline business data.No more long forms and traditional approval process

Flexible repayment

  • Hassle-free repayment deducted automatically from the merchants’ daily revenue. No more interest penalty

Flexible use of funding

  • Withdraw the loan as requested

No collaterals required

  • Credit granted based on transaction data


  • 不再受限於傳統信貸審批的過程


  • 按照每日商戶營業額無痛還款,更好管理現金流,避免逾期罰息


  • 按需要提取貸款


  • 基於營運及交易數據進行授信,免任何物業抵押

Apply in 3 steps 申請3步曲

join step 1
Contact KFund Consultation Team 聯絡KFund顧問團隊
join step 2
Upload basic documents 上載基本文件
join step 3
Loan approved & draw fund* 貸款批核及提款

Remarks: The application flow, actual time for loan approval and the loan disbursement may vary depending on the information and documents provided by the Merchant, official announcement from partners will supersede this information. 註:申請流程、實際批核時間及提取貸款時間會因應客戶申請資料而出現差異,一切以合作夥伴最新公布為準。

Our partners 合作夥伴

Apply SME Financing Solution 申請專屬資金方案

KPay is the appointed third party of Qupital (Money Lender’s Licence No.: 0233/2022), governed by the Money Lenders Ordinance, for granting loan. KPay will not charge the borrower any fees. The content of KPay website or publicity is not a financial advice or endorsement of any of the specified products or services. All information shall only be used for reference only. It is the borrowers’ sole responsibility to seek independent and professional advice, and to determine whether to use the products or services.

Qupital Enquiry Hotline: 3905 3333
Money Lender’s Licence No.: 0233/2022

Warning: You have to repay your loans. Don’t pay any intermediaries.

Qupital查詢熱線:3905 3333