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KPay One-stop Smart POS Solution KPay 一站式智能POS收款服務

We Make Payment Simple We Make Payment Simple

Get prepared for the Consumption Voucher Scheme 開通電子收款服務 吸納新一輪電子消費券

Enjoy FREE Subscription Fee*, Terminal Rental & Installation Fee 豁免年費*、月費、租機費及安裝費

*not apply to selected industry, terms and conditions apply

Features 產品特色


Support various payment methods 支援不同收款模式

  • Scan or display QR Code 掃描或顯示二維碼(QR Code)
  • Swipe card 刷卡收款
  • Insert card 插卡收款
  • Contactless NFC 手機NFC感應式收款

Flexible and mobile 靈活彈性

With the advantages of advanced technology, KPay Smart POS allows our merchants to process transactions anywhere with wi-fi or 4G sim card. Merchants could now enjoy higher flexibility and mobility of their in store set up and payment experiences. KPay智能POS收款機可因應商戶需要,配合SIM卡或無線上網使用,無需固定於指定位置上,在店舖擺設上更具彈性,同時讓交易支付更暢通無阻。

Supports 15 payment channels 一機支援15種支付工具

American Express
American Express
Apple Pay
Apple Pay
Google Pay
Google Pay
Samsung Pay
Samsung pay
Alipay HK
WeChat Pay HK
WeChat Pay
WeChat Pay
BoC Pay

Partners 合作商戶

Increase efficiency 提升商戶營運效率

KPay developed a Mobile App for merchants to keep track of business performance and identify the market trends, so as to increase competitiveness. KPay特別為合作商戶開發手機應用程式,配合POS終端機使用,即可輕鬆掌握交易細節及結算狀況,方便商戶監察及分析銷售策略,洞悉銷售市場趨勢,助商戶制定最佳策略,提升行內競爭力。

Our merchants could now review their business performance anytime in an instant. 下載App後只要手機在手即可全天候監察業務狀況。

All-Rounded Support to SME 全面支援中小企

  • Daily automated settlement to reduce manual settlement processes, free up more time for real business; Settlement amount will arrive merchants' provided bank account in a promising timeframe which will be T+3*.
  • Complimentary maintenance and repair, together with on-site installation will be offered to merchants. Tutorial will also be arranged for frontline staff to ensure smooth operations and familiarize themselves with the Smart POS interface.
  • Provide professional customer service support for merchants via service hotline and WhatsApp.
  • 系統每日自動清算,為商戶減省日常手動清算步驟,節省時間; 清算起計第三天 (T+3)* 結算款項即可到達收款銀行戶口,確保現金流暢通無阻。
  • 安排專人上門安裝及提供免費維修保養服務,KPay更提供教學確保你的前線員工能熟習使用KPay智能POS的操作介面。
  • KPay設有客戶服務熱線及WhatsApp 與商戶保持緊密聯繫,並隨時提供支援。

* Subject to merchants business nature and categories, KPay reserves final rights of decisions. * 可因商戶行業及業務性質而調整,KPay保留最終決定及解釋權。

Security and Compliances 安全認證

KPay provides a hassle-free business environment to merchants by our secured POS platforms that complied with regulatory authorities: KPay提供的收款服務包括終端機及結算平台,均取得各項相關認證及受有關監管機構約束:


PCI DSS PCI DSS 支付產業數據安全標準

The PCI Security standards Council (PCI SSC) is a global forum for the ongoing development, enhancement, storage, dissemination and implementation of security standards for account data protection. The PCI SSC is led by a policy-setting executive committee composed of representatives from Visa Inc., Mastercard, American Express, Discover, JCB International. Governed by the PCI SSC, the compliance scheme aims to secure credit and debit card transactions against data theft and fraud. PCI DSS(支付產業數據安全標準)認證是目前全球最高級別的金融數據安全標準,最權威的支付卡產業數據安全標準之一。支付產業安全標準委員會由 Visa、Mastercard、AmericanExpress、Discover 和 JCB 聯合主導建立。作為保護持卡人數據的技術和操作領域的統一基準,PCI DSS 是全球最為嚴格的數據安全標準,旨在統一業界標準、最大程度的降低支付卡風險。



EMVCo is a global technical body that helps enable seamless and secure card-based payments, which stands for "Europay, Mastercard, Visa” three companies created the standard. EMV specifications have evolved beyond the original EMV Chip specification to cover a wide range of technologies that support card-based payments. Organizations around the world use EMB specifications to develop and deploy card-based payment products that will work together seamlessly and securely, regardless of where the customers make or receive a payment. EMV標準是由國際三大銀行卡組織--Europay、Mastercard、Visa共同發起制定的銀行卡從磁條卡向智能IC卡轉移的技術標準,是基於IC卡的金融支付標準,目前已成為公認的全球統一標準。其目的是在金融IC卡支付系統中建立卡片和終端接口的統一標準,使得在此體系下所有的卡片和終端能夠互通互用。

Visa payWave

Visa payWave Visa payWave

Visa payWave uses an embedded computer chip to send payment information to a secure reader at the point of sale. Users may wave their card or device within 1-2 inches of the reader to make payments. The secure reader receives payment information through radio frequency or Near- Field Communication (NFC) technology. Visa payWave,是Visa在其簽帳金融卡和信用卡上利用EMV技術推出的一項非接觸式付款功能,當Visa payWave卡用於一般刷卡機或感應式讀卡機時,晶片模組會依讀卡機型態自行進行判斷,執行非接觸付款功能。

Mastercard PayPass

Mastercard PayPass Mastercard PayPass認證

Mastercard Contactless, formerly called PayPass. Contactless uses a hidden embedded computer chip and radio frequency antennae. After tappingthe contactless card or device at checkout, payment details are sent wirelessly through Near-Field Communication (NFC) technology to the Mastercard network. It provides secure encryption technology and Zero Liability protection and safe. Mastercard Contactless,前稱PayPass,是Mastercard組織推出的非接觸式信用卡及預付卡系統,帶有EMV晶片的非接觸式Mastercard信用卡及預付卡不必接觸刷卡機就可以完成交易。

UnionPay accepted terminal

UnionPay accepted terminal 銀聯卡受理終端產品認證

UnionPay accepted terminal refers to the devices that certified to accept UnionPay IC card for payment transactions, include but not limited to mPOS and smart POS and other innovative terminal devices or platforms. 銀聯卡受理終端設備指的是能完成銀聯卡交易的受理設備及其安全組件,包括但不限於電話支付終端、mPOS終端、金融自助終端,智能銷售點終端以及其他新型終端產品及PIN輸入設備等終端安全組件。

Partners 合作商戶

Application Process 申請流程

join step 1
Submit required documents 提交文件
join step 2
Sign off merchant agreement and fee schedule 簽訂合約
join step 3
Conduct credit and risk assessment 風險排查
join step 4
Create accounts for transaction 建立帳戶
join step 5
On-site POS installation and tutorial 安裝及教學
join step 6
Review transactions and settlement in app 查閱結算詳情

FAQ 常見問題

What are the differences between KPay Smart POS Terminal and Traditional POS Terminal? KPay智能POS收款機與市場上的傳統收款終端機有甚麽分別?
Compared to Traditional POS Terminal, KPay Smart POS Terminal supports data SIM card or Wi-Fi network, allowing you to process payment anytime, anywhere. Besides, front camera and rear camera are available on the KPay Smart POS Terminal. Apart from tap card, insert card and swipe card, customers are able to pay by QR code (eg. Alipay, WeChat Pay and UnionPay App etc), providing an enhanced customer experience. 相比起傳統收款終端機,KPay智能POS收款機更靈活,設有USB充電,並支援以數據SIM卡或Wi-Fi連接網絡,改善裝置流動性,突破地域限制。此外,智能POS收款機支援信用卡磁帶刷卡、晶片卡插卡及感應式拍卡支付,亦支持二維碼收款。商戶可以透過掃描顧客的手機錢包(如Alipay、WeChat Pay及雲閃付等)進行付款,讓顧客揀選最方便快捷的付款方法,提供更好的付款體驗,比起傳統卡機更靈活方便。
Why choose KPay? 爲甚麽選擇KPay?
  • Cost effective: Price transparency. No POS rental fee & installation fee
  • Efficiency: With KPay Merchant APP, review business performance to identify the market trends anytime
  • Simple: Minimise the number of contracts to obtain all the payment solutions above
  • Better customer experience: Support up to 12 payments, including Visa, Mastercard, UnionPay, Alipay & WeChat Pay etc. Allow your customers to choose the payment method they are most comfortable with
  • Highest data security guaranteed: Complied with PCI DSS, EMV standards etc.
  • All-rounded support: On-site POS installation and tutorial. Provide professional customer service support for merchants via hotline and WhatsApp.
  • Flexible and mobile: KPay POS Terminal allows our merchants to process transactions anywhere with data SIM card or Wi-Fi. Merchants could enjoy higher flexibility and mobility of their in store set up and payment experiences.
  • 節省成本:收費清晰,全免租機費、安裝費
  • 提升效率:配合KPay商戶專用手機APP,一手掌握銷售表現,對賬更輕鬆
  • 簡化合約程序:無需花時間向每間支付工具服務商申請,便可擁有多項收款方案
  • 更好的付款體驗:一機支援各大支付工具,讓你的客戶揀選最方便快捷的付款方法
  • 安全可靠:KPay提供的收款服務包括終端機及結算平台,均取得各項相關認證及受有關監管機構約束,包括PCI DSS 支付產業數據安全標準、EMV認證等。
  • 完善支援服務:專人上門安裝教學,並設有客戶服務熱線及WhatsApp 與商戶保持緊密聯繫,及隨時提供支援。
  • 靈活彈性:KPay POS終端機無需固定於指定位置上,只需配合SIM卡或Wi-Fi使用,讓交易支付更暢通無阻!
If I want to accept multiple payment channels, do I need to have a separate POS machine for each channel? 是不是一個電子支付就需要一台終端機?
No, KPay provides an integrated all-in-one POS Terminal. We will help you apply for a merchant account with each payment channel, to minimise the number of contracts to obtain all the payment solutions above. 不是,KPay智能POS機可支援多種支付方式,讓交易更快、更簡便。
Do I need to apply for all payments at once? 我需要同時間申請所有支付方式嗎?
You do not need to apply for them all at once. You can apply to add extra payment channels to your KPay Smart POS whenever needed. Our service is flexible to accommodate your requests. 商戶可以按照業務需要申請合適的支付方式,亦可以按需要隨時申請添加額外的支付方式到KPay智能POS機,切合你的需要。
Does KPay POS Terminal support “Tap & Go”? KPay智能POS收款機可以收取Tap & Go嗎?
Customer shall add their Tap & Go card to Apple Wallet or Google Pay, and pay through NFC contactless payment. 顧客需要事先將Tap & Go綁定至Apple Pay或Google Pay,然後透過NFC感應式支付,即可完成收款。
Does KPay POS Terminal support “BoC Pay”? KPay智能POS收款機可以收取BoC Pay嗎?
KPay POS Terminal supports BoC Pay if merchant activated UnionPay App. 已開通銀聯雲閃付的商戶可以,透過「掃一掃收款」掃描顧客BoC Pay的二維碼,即可完成收款。
Can I void transactions on KPay Smart POS Terminal? 我可以在KPay智能POS機上撤銷交易嗎?
You can void transactions every day before settlement (00:00). 商戶可以在每日結算(00:00)前撤銷交易。
Does the KPay One-stop Smart POS Solution only accept Limited Company's application? 無限公司也可以申請KPay一站式智能POS收款服務嗎?
No, we also welcome Private Company or General Partnership Company. 無論「有限公司」還是「獨資公司」或「合夥公司」,同樣可以申請KPay一站式智能POS收款服務。
What do I need to apply for KPay one-stop POS solution? 成為KPay用戶需要準備甚麼資料?
You may apply for our services with a valid ID document, Certificate of Incorporation (for Limited Company), Business Registration Certificate and company bank statement and your store’s photos. For details, please contact our Business Development Team. 商戶需要提交有效的身份證明文件、公司註冊證書(有限公司適用)、商業登記證、公司銀行戶口月結單及店舖照片等資料。詳情請向我們的電子支付銷售顧問團隊查詢。
How long does it take for a paid transaction to reach my bank account? 收款何時存入到企業賬戶?
As a partner of SME, KPay understands cash flow is very important to you. Settlement amount will arrive merchants' provided bank account in a promising timeframe which will be 3 working days (T+3)* 作為中小企的夥伴,KPay絕對明白現金流對小商戶十分重要,所以最快只需清算起計三個工作天 (T+3)* 就能把款項存入商戶的銀行賬戶,讓你的現金流管理更靈活。

* Subject to merchants' business nature and categories, KPay reserves final rights of decisions.
* 實際到賬時間或因商戶行業及業務性質而調整,KPay保留最終決定及解釋權。

How to apply? 如何申請