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More than PAYMENT. 關於KPay

We are a financial technology company that aims to create a desirable global business environment. KPay為一間科技金融公司,主力提供完善和先進的收款及結算服務,致力打造理想的營商環境。憑藉我們領先的一站式收款技術,把過往繁鎖的結算及收款過程變得輕鬆可靠。

We believe it is the right of all business owners to maximize their opportunities enabled by technology. We are committed to creating a more inclusive and intelligent approach to running a business. 自2020年於香港成立以來,KPay團隊一直緊守宗旨為本地商戶提供安全、可靠及便利的收款方案,務求為中小企創造優越的商務環境達致雙贏。