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One-stop Smart POS Solution KPay 一站式智能POS收款服務

Payment and settlement services are provided by Allinpay International We Make Payment Simple

Features 產品特色

Support various payment methods 支援不同收款模式

  • Scan QR Code 掃描或顯示二維碼(QR Code)
  • Contactless NFC or Tap card 手機NFC感應式收款
  • Swipe card 拍卡收款
  • Insert card 插卡收款

Flexible and mobile 靈活彈性

With the advantages of advanced technology, Smart POS Terminal allows our merchants to process transactions with Wi-Fi or data SIM card. Merchants could now enjoy higher flexibility and mobility of their in store set up and payment experiences. KPay智能POS收款機可因應商戶需要,配合SIM卡或無線上網使用,無需固定於指定位置上,在店舖擺設上更具彈性,同時讓交易支付更暢通無阻。

Supports various payment channels 一機支援13種支付工具

American Express
American Express
Pay Now
WeChat Pay
WeChat Pay
Apple Pay
Apple Pay
Google Pay
Google Pay
Samsung Pay
Samsung pay

All-Rounded Support to SME 全面支援中小企

  • Provide professional customer service support for merchants via service hotline and WhatsApp.
  • 安排專人上門安裝及提供免費維修保養服務,KPay更提供教學確保你的前線員工能熟習使用KPay智能POS的操作介面。
  • KPay設有客戶服務熱線及WhatsApp 與商戶保持緊密聯繫,並隨時提供支援。

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